Tuesday, October 7, 2008

awesome score

Mark, Liz and I hummed the theme to Sanford & Son as we drove back to my house after filling the back of Mark's truck with an assortment of rusty bikes and NOS (new old stock) Wald baskets. Best of all these bikes were basically free since I got them in trade for some 1980's ten speeds that I found on the curb in my neighborhood. Needless to say my favorite bike in this lot is the Huffy Custom Liner from the mid 50's, although I'm rather fond of the Western Flyer. Today I threw some apes on the Western Flyer, one of the NOS Wald Baskets and a different seat. Maybe this weekend I'll practice my pinstriping on the fenders. Damn, I just cleaned my garage and now it looks ten times crazier than before.

20" Hawthorne skip tooth

24" Western Flyer
Firestone Speed Chief

Huffy Custom Liner

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o.g. knife's edge said...

just like sanford and son...